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Vascular Access



PICC, Midlines


Specially Trained



98% Success Rate in PICC Line Placement!


Portable Ultrasound

As leaders in Portable Ultrasound technology, our expertise allows:

• Placement in a facility, doctor’s office, or home

• Decreased patient trauma due to numerous needle sticks

• Quicker and uninterrupted therapy regimen

• Lower complication rates

• Visualization of veins creates proficiency and saves time and money

Vascular access doctor

Upstate HomeCare utilizes the Sherlock 3CG ultrasound system and maintains excellent clinical standards throughout every procedure.

Portable Ultrasound allows your patients to remain comfortable in their own surroundings during the procedure.  Our nursing team at Upstate HomeCare demonstrates great success using Portable Ultrasound Technology.

Upstate HomeCare Offers a 24-Hour PICC Line Guarantee:

PICC lines are assessed for performance within 24 hours of placement and repairs or replaces all lines that develop problems within this time period.

Our home PICC insertions allow your patients to remain in their own surroundings during the safe and comfortable insertion.  Using industry trusted supplies, Upstate takes the hassle out of venous access.

Our stringent catheter care techniques and early attention to signs and symptoms reduce chances of infection.

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PICC, Mid-lines, Peripheral

Services include:

  • PICC, Mid-line, Peripheral Insertions
  • Dressing Changes
  • Line Maintenance, Including De-clotting
  • Pulling of Lines
  • Customer Friendly Billing Services

Our team of Vascular Access Nurses have years of experience and certifications including BS, RN, CRNI, CA-BC.  At Upstate we encourage continued education and advanced certifications to maintain the highest level of skill relating to Vascular Access.

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The Upstate Nursing team is a valuable resource and clinical support system for patients undergoing vascular access therapies.

Specialy Trained Nurses

Upstate HomeCare is ACHC Accredited & a Member of the National Association for Vascular Access.  With over 30 years of experience, our Nurses and Staff will answer all of your Vascular Access questions.

Educational Services

Here at Upstate, we can offer case management services to identify those patients who could benefit from early discharge and home care services.

  • Our  Registered Nurses and Liaisons will train those involved to assist with their home care, and provide teaching sheets and documentation to support the appropriate home care.
  • Our staff, including service technicians, pharmacists, nurses, and administration are available 24/7.

 Using industry trusted supplies and standards, we take the hassle out of venous access - here to answer all your questions 24/7.

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Upstate HomeCare logo The Best for Getting Better slogan
Vascular access doctor
Nurse shaking hands with smiling patients

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Female IV nurse with IV bag
Vascular access doctor
Nurse shaking hands with smiling patients