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Upstate HomeCare Bets on Infusion23-May-2017

CLINTON, N.Y. – At a time when other HME companies are downsizing operations or shuttering entirely, Upstate Homecare is looking to grow, thanks to a renewed focus on specialty infusion care in the upstate New York area. Read the full article here. (http://www.hmenews.com/article/upstate-homecare-bets-infusion)..

Upstate HomeCare Doubles Down on Specialty Infusion21-Mar-2017

Upstate HomeCare now has a dedicated management team, strategic plan and sales force for its specialty infusion services business. The provider shifted away from retail pharmacy into specialty infusion services last summer. “We’re very excited to be expanding our services and aligning our strengths with our mission,” said Gregory LoPresti, CEO..

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